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Montasio Friulano DOP aged 60 days cost oz

Country of origin Italy
Source of milk Cow’s milk
Texture Creamy
Fat content 32%
Aging time Minimum of two months
Certification PDO, 1986
Friulano is the name of a firm cow’s milk cheese made in Canada named after the Friuli region of Italy.[1] It is rindless and interior-ripened with a yellow surface and interior.[2] It is salty and tastes slightly of hazelnut.[2] It is sometimes called Italian Cheddar, though it is not cheddared and does not taste like a Cheddar. It closely resembles Italian Montasio cheese which it strives to imitate, but has a different name since, in Canada, the name Montasio can only be used for cheeses made in the Montasio mountains of the Friuli region of Italy.

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Montasio Friulano DOP aged 60 days cost oz