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Fontina Val Aosta Valet Pietro DOP cost oz

The original Fontina cheese from the Aosta Valley is fairly pungent and has quite an intense flavor, although Fontina-like labeled cheeses that are produced in other countries can be much milder.[citation needed] Aostan Fontina has a natural rind due to aging, which is usually tan to orange-brown.[6][7] The interior of the cheese is pale cream in color and riddled with holes known as “eyes”.[citation needed]

It is noted for its earthy, mushroomy, and woody taste, and pairs exceptionally well with roast meats and truffles.[8] It has a rich and creamy flavor which gets nuttier with aging.[9] Mature Fontina is a hard cheese, and melts well.[ci

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Fontina Val Aosta Valet Pietro DOP cost oz